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What Matters in Life

Good morning 
It’s funny how little we think of the things that we do in life. Take me for instance, I’m your average 20-something year old, mixed-race, emotionally unsettled, socially challenged, under-paid, over-worked, under educated, over stressed, under confidant (not even sure if I can say that last bit, but it felt like it should go there), millennial – someone who doesn’t like to write in his kitchen, so he goes to a coffee shop to sit with strangers and write run on sentences at 5 bucks a coffee. 
*inhales deeply after never-ending sentence that one way to long*
I act like the clothes that I buy at department stores are somehow statements of my originality, even though I wear one size fits all waist lines. I obsess over questions like:
Why am I here?”
What am I doing?”
Does anything I do even matter?”
(And, typically, the most important as reflected by the actual activity of my day)
How can I fit more Netflix into my day?”
Because let’s be honest - the good folks over at streaming…