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The Desireof a Broken Generation...

If I’m just being honest, a couple things should be said right from the start: first of all, I hate the fact that time passes by and seems to leave so little in its path; second, I tend to judge my life by what I’ve accomplished since the first time I watched the Lord of the Rings back in 2002. Flash forward 12 years when I watched the last installment from Peter Jackson in the cinematic universe of Tolkien’s fantastic worlds and characters, I cried. Not because the overly stretched out, completely unnecessary and poorly paced third installment of the Hobbit trilogy (that should have just been one movie, come on guys) was good; rather because it marked12 years. 12 years of my life since I watched the amazing Fellowship of the Ring. All the things that happened within that time frame, the people I’ve meet, the places I’d seen and the things I’d accomplished. But they weren’t necessarily tears of joy, instead I felt that strange pressure/struggle in my…

What Matters in Life

Good morning 
It’s funny how little we think of the things that we do in life. Take me for instance, I’m your average 20-something year old, mixed-race, emotionally unsettled, socially challenged, under-paid, over-worked, under educated, over stressed, under confidant (not even sure if I can say that last bit, but it felt like it should go there), millennial – someone who doesn’t like to write in his kitchen, so he goes to a coffee shop to sit with strangers and write run on sentences at 5 bucks a coffee. 
*inhales deeply after never-ending sentence that one way to long*
I act like the clothes that I buy at department stores are somehow statements of my originality, even though I wear one size fits all waist lines. I obsess over questions like:
Why am I here?”
What am I doing?”
Does anything I do even matter?”
(And, typically, the most important as reflected by the actual activity of my day)
How can I fit more Netflix into my day?”
Because let’s be honest - the good folks over at streaming…