Monday, February 24, 2014

Me, Moses, A Rock and Three Nightmares...

So….here’s my chronicle. My chronicle of stupid.
12 But the Lord said to Moses and Aaron, “Because you did not trust in me enough to honor me
as holy in the sight of the Israelites, you will 
not bring this community 
into the land I 
give them"
Numbers 20:12(NIV) 

Moses wasn’t allowed into the promise land because he hit the rock and didn’t speak to it. Now - what is the reason? Was it because he did one and not the other - because God told him to do the other? Was it just a case of disobedience? 

No. It was the fact that he was supposed to be representing God. It was the fact that, even more then representing God - he was representing the Son of God, the man Jesus Christ who would be born of a virgin in Bethlehem years down the road. That by hitting the rock in anger he entered into a misrepresentation of God’s love and redemption, and that's was what did him in… o_O

In the same way - how many times do I misrepresent the God Man Jesus Christ? How many times? 

Today I did just that. 

Three particularly disgusting figures came into work…three that are not liked at all, and one that is as sexually promiscuous in her conduct as the day is long. Basically, they were the most perfect ingredients for a recipe of slander ANYONE has ever seen. No one. NO ONE. would ever think twice about hearing something derogatory said about them. In fact, it would seem logical - acceptable - totally delectable!

And so to frustrated derogatory did I go, and in so doing so also did my representation of the Man Christ Jesus go as well.

While I saw three old bitties worthy of a nightmare, Christ saw three people - possibly His, probably not - that needed His love. Needed His compassion. Needed his healing. The sexually promiscuous one, I saw something worthy of gaging at, and when she flirted with me, showing me inappropriate parts of her body that never should have seen the light of day (by “accident”), I saw something worthy of running away form in pure, abject, terror…but Christ saw someone who was lonely. Someone who was broken, and someone who was hurting.

Today I struck the rock instead of speaking to it. Today I looked at the people around me in my lens. Like Moses, seeing the 2 million plus jew he had been leading in the desert for 40 years complaining and grumbling AGAIN - I saw these woman with filters of my own short sightedness. 

God wanted to give the grumbling, complaining, winning, faithless and trying nation of Israel water on that day - and give it freely! Not grudgingly, or angrily. He didn’t even want to make them work for it…He wanted them to be able to ‘just’ ask for it! That’s how loving and patient He is. 

In the same way, God wanted me to treat these ladies with love and respect. To mirror His heart for their lost souls. Instead, I, like Moses, saw them for where they were (not where they could be), and had a massive lack of patience. 

Oh that God would give me eyes to see the people around me the way He sees them. Oh that God would have mercy on me and on all those who endeavor to represent Him to this world. That we would represent Him rightly…never for a moment believing that we have ANY right to have OUR own opinions on the people we are so keen to judge. 

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